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The Importance of Commenting on Others’ Blogs (TOW-3) February 27, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Topic of the Week.

     Blogging is both a unique kind of writing and a social experience at the same time. A well-maintained blog that is updated frequently, addresses current events, and offers constructive commentary on popular issues has the potential to make a number of impressions. Web 2.0 applications such as social networking sites, podcasts, and blogs are becoming an important frameword for our modern online communities. Therefore, I believe that commenting on others’ posts should be encouraged and done regularly. Feedback gives a blogger the feeling of concurrence, which encourages more open communication.

      It’s true that comments should be encouraged, but commentors and bloggers alike should always post responsibly. The blogosphere is a community just like any other, and its rules should be respected. Rude, derogatory, or outright negative comments should be avoided. This includes foul language as well, or any type of language that could be considered politically incorrect. My bottom line is to just be respectful at all times, just as you would in a class. A big incentive for responsible blogging and commenting is this: Most businesses who are reviewing applicants (especially college graduates) check things like the person’s Facebook page, Youtube activity, etc. You don’t wany a potential employer to see anything unprofessional that you have wrote and published for the world to see.

     Comments should be thoughtful or original in some way (even though they are generated in response to another’s ideas). I think a good tip is to offer examples or ways in which you agreed with the author, and then possibly compare/contrast them to some of your own ideas. A good comment might spark a new idea or cause the author to revisit a previous thought. I like to ask questions sometimes when leaving comments. If you’re interested in a particular subject and want to know more, this is a perfect opportunity.


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