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Superbowl Ads 2010! (TOW-5) March 1, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Topic of the Week.

     This year’s Superbowl was possibly the most exciting title game in recent NFL history. Fans from all over the world were no doubt glued to their seats for the entire game (I know I was). So was everyone sticking around for the commercial breaks? The commercials have become just as big of an event as the game to some people. I tend to believe that the quality of Superbowl commercials has declined in the past four or five years (the Budweiser Frogs represented the glory days), but there were several that I enjoyed from the current crop of ads. My favorite was the Google spot.

     I like this commercial because it seemed to be relatable to a wide audience. It touches on basic human emotions, such as love, and portrays a story that is instantly relatable. I think that Google probably intended the ad to be targeted to young adults, possibly between the ages of 18 and 30. The overall message in the commercial is that Google’s search engine is always there to help you through the challenges of life, or finding where you belong in the world. The story of the young man falling in love with a French girl is like a timeless coming-of-age story updated for the digital age.

     Another thing that impressed me about this commercial was its elegance and simpllicity. The ad runs for less than a minute, and the only thing viewers see is the Google search engine interface. This is a brilliant advertising strategy in my opinion. They accomplished the desired effect of the commercial while at the same time, showing how easy and effective Google searches are. In my case, the ad seemed to reinforce my feelings toward Google, and made me appreciate it more.

     One final note about this ad: It looks like it probably didn’t cost much to make. No actors were required, as were any types of shots on location or in a studio. This makes me think that the ad is a success. Google made a creative commercial that stood out and got a lot of publicity for a low cost.


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