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One Week of Twitter (TOW-7) March 1, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Topic of the Week.

     After an entire week of using Twitter, the verdict is in: Twitter is useful. This is contrary to the way I used to feel about the website (I didn’t like it), since I first heard about it over a year ago. In fact, last year I worked for a company that required employees to post on Twitter, and I didn’t take it very seriously. There are many things about using Twitter that I discovered:

  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • Many other types of media link to Twitter
  • Not as “personal” as Facebook, but rather has a more professional feel
  • You can link Twitter posts to your blog page
  • All kinds of people are on Twitter: from celebrities to your grandmother
  • It’s addictive

     These are just a few observations from my limited time spent with Twitter. I found most features to be useful. It’s just as addicting as Facebook, but not a waste of time (yes, spending more than an hour a day on Facebook is a waste of time).

     My experience using Twitter was actually fun. Once I got a feel for how and what other users were “tweeting” about, I became more comfortable with it and started to contribute more. I’m just not interested in people tweeting about random, mundane aspects of their lives, but I like to see tweets about interesting articles or currnet events. In particular, I liked how I could talk about sports with some of the PR professionals I’m following. I found that Twitter is a great place to get questions answered as well.    

     I haven’t become a mega-fan of Twitter just yet (I don’t dream about tweeting), but I think I will become a regular user. It just has too much potential as a communication tool to ignore. Twitter presents a great way to keep in touch with teachers and classmates throughout the semester, and is more fun and engaging than email. Hopefully, Twitter will be useful as I start my job search after graduation.

     Those are my initial thoughts on Twitter. Check my profile out (chris_yates4) and start following.


1. lindsayaddison - March 10, 2010

Chris, I enjoyed reading your post about your thoughts and experience with twitter. I too didn’t think I would like using twitter, however I find myself checking it daily now. Although I do not post regularly, I look to see what others have posted because I am interested in what others see as ‘important enough to put as my twitter update.’ I do agree that it is addicting which then leads to wasting time…but I try to limit myself to not reading millions of tweets! Just a few at a time! 😉 I think it’s funny you mentioned ‘dreaming about twitter’-I hope I do not end up in ‘tweeting land’ either!

Looking forward to reading more post on your blog!

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