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Selig Multimedia March 2, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-PR Connections.

     I recently came across an informative video at YouTube that got me thinking about some of the topics that are discussed in public relations courses. In the video, Glen Selig, president of Selig Multimedia, gives a short presentation on some basic public relations concepts. Click on the links above to watch the presentation and learn more about Selig’s company, it might be of interest to PR majors. Some of the key points he makes are:

  • You don’t want people to know that you are conducting a public relations campaign. It is essential to find a seamless way into the news.
  • Well-written press releases shouldn’t sound like press releases at all, rather they should be consumer-driven.
  • Masquerade PR efforts as news events.

     Now this information seems basic and elementary to a person studying communications, but I found it to be relevant because it reinforces the concepts that are addressed in the classroom, giving them more of a real-world perspective. After watching the short video, I got a little more interested in Selig Multimedia and checked out their website. They are a privately owned corporation with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and a global leader in public relations. The company distributes press releases through its PRNews Channel division and operates a top news outlet, The Publicity Agency.


1. beccathomas - April 28, 2010

Another great post! I really enjoyed the video that you posted. It served as a nice refresher to all of the things we have been learning this past semester. It was also a great review to hear him talk about the basics of Public Relations, and here him go over commonly forgotten tips. If we are going into the Public Relations world, it is important that we are well informed of the PR basics, and watching videos like that one are a great way to accomplish that. The biggest emphasis seemed to be put on the way we write and communicate as PR students. Now is to the time to improve these skills, so when the “real world” comes we’ll be ready.

2. What’s my Comment? « Becca Thomas - April 28, 2010

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