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PR OpenMic (tow-10) April 26, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Topic of the Week.

     It seems like there is a social network for pretty much everything under the sun recently, and as any student or teacher of public relations knows, these sites are essential to creating an online presence. The popularity of sites like Facebook and Youtube have put new, Web 2.0 technologies on the map. So it is fitting that Robert French, from Auburn University created one specifically for PR students, teachers, and practitioners:  PR OpenMic, “your worldwide network for connections and learning.”

     At first glance, the interface that Robert French created seems very similar to other social networks. Members can create their own profile page, add content such as blog posts and videos, and hold discussions in various forums. The site is also a good place to catch up on breaking news stories.  If you want, you can even download the PR OpenMic Toolbar, which has easy to follow links to the major news sites that they check daily.  Another useful feature of the site is the inclusion of instructional videos.  Here, a PR student can get tips on improving their blogs, proper etiquette in online discussions, how to pitch the media, and much more.

     So all of these features sound great, but can PR OpenMic help students with their job searches? The answer is yes.  The Jobs/Internships  page provides links to several employers seeking applicants with expertise in public relations.  I was surprised at how many postings there were in this section. The job postitions up for grabs include:

  • Group Account Director
  • Social Media Intern (paid)
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Sr. Communications Manager
  • Product Communications Specialist

     The job listings range from entry level to management postitions, which illustrates that PR OpenMic is a great site to be a member of throughout your career.

     Members of PR OpenMic can also post resumes, review current listings, and get pointers on navigating tough job interviews. If you are in college right now, this is a great social network to be a member of.


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