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Selecting Publicity Photos & Graphics (week 11 notes) April 26, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Reading Notes, Uncategorized.

     If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photos and graphics should be a vital component to public relations activity.  A good photo and caption could be what makes a story stand out and be selected by editors. Chapter 8 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques offers several great pointers for selecting publicity photos and graphics.

Components of a Good Photo:

  • Technical Quality: Make sure the resolution is acceptable
  • Subject Matter: Whenever possible, show action
  • Composition and Scale: The photo should contain some element of known size
  • Camera Angle, Lighting, and Timing

Ethical Considerations:

  • Avoid images that alter reality
  • Make sure the image is not deceiving in any way
  • Don’t violate copyright laws

Other Graphics to Consider Using:

  • Charts (pie, bar, or line graphs)
  • Diagrams showing how something works
  • Scale models

All information is paraphrased from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th edition.


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