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Distributing News to the Media and Journalists (week 13 notes) April 27, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Reading Notes.

     PR practitioners should always make sure that their writing is accurate and in the correct format.  Persuasive writing needs to be clear and easily accessible to a wide audience.  However, once you get your writing technique down, it is just as important to understand the best ways to get your message to the right kind of audience.  The authors of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques offer several important guidelines for achieving this objective:

  • Regularly check media databases for names of publications and contact info
  • Familiarize yourself with the editorial calendars for trade publications and business periodicals

Distributing Via Email:

  • Don’t send attachments unless requested (they may contain viruses)
  • Provide links for additional information
  • Use bullets for key points
  • Don’t mass distribute releases (it’s called spam!)
  • Always provide contact email and phone numbers

Areas of Friction to Avoid With Journalists:

  • Avoid hype and news release spam
  • Avoid sloppy or biased reporting
  • Understand the demand of advertising influence on journalists


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