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Responding To Negative News On The Internet April 27, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-PR Connections.

     One of the major aspects of public relations is finding the best way to handle negative news about your client. Especially since the Internet has become such a powerful media tool, news has the ability to spread quickly, and can do a lot of harm if it points blame at an organization.  In the classroom, PR students learn about Conflict Resolution and many other helpful strategies to address this problem.

     Glen Selig, founder of PR News Channel, has posted a series of videos on YouTube that can be helpful to PR students. This particular one addresses the impact of negative news:

     In the video, Selig presents a common scenario:  Suppose you own a retail store and customers post negative reviews of your service or products on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter account. Now, whenever someone searches for your business on Google, the disgruntled customer’s blog post pops up. What can you do to combat this?

  • Use Search Engine Optimized Press Releases
  • Identify negative key words and phrases and incorporate positive ones in their place
  • A good SEO release campaign is not the cheapest option, but probably the most effective.

     Negative news can tarnish your client’s reputation quickly, so it is important to understand the strategy behind search engine optimization.  This scenario also illustrates the importance of constantly monitoring feedback on your client.


1. hkbarnes - April 28, 2010

I thought this post was really interesting. I like your whole blog actually. I think the whole PR News Channel on Youtube is very helpful to students. I even bookmarked it so I can access it easily. Negative news is something everyone in public relations will encounter at some point in their career. I am going to write some of these important points down and put them away for safe keeping until the day I have to handle bad news. This scenario is a very likely encounter one day, so thanks for picking this one to discuss. I only wish the video had a little more pizazz to it.
Happy Blogging!

2. jasminestewart87 - April 28, 2010

You made some great points about image management in a crisis situation, Chris! Honestly, I think I would never want to work in the crisis management at a PR firm or for any corporation! I like challenges (lol) but handling bad news being leaked into the media about a business is such a delicate situation. Each and every step taken after the incident must be taken extremely seriously. Because a crisis is a crisis in itself!! Think about it. Tiger’s situation with his wife was a horrible crisis for his family and his marriage. But since he is indeed a public figure, it was another crisis when this news got leaked! Two crises in one. Go figure. I couldn’t handle that responsibility. Being a publicist or crisis manager for an individual or a company. Sorry for rambling on about crisis management but your post inspired it a little bit, lol!

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4. beccathomas - April 28, 2010

I think this was a great blog entry! I found it very interesting, and well worth the read! Negative news is a huge issue Public Relations people have to deal with. This is directly because of the way multi media technology has grown over the last few years. We now have so many ways to communicate something fast to the masses, and this is not always seen as a good thing. Thanks for posting the video alone with everything else. This video peaked my interests for this subject matter, and I’m glad you brought this story up for discussion.

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