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Writing for TV and Radio (week 12 notes) April 27, 2010

Posted by Chris Yates in PRCA 3330-Reading Notes.

     In today’s mass media environment, public relations practitioners need to be able to produce writing for several different platforms. Writing for television and radio calls for professionals to adopt a versatile writing style.

Writing for the radio:

  • Radio News Releases use a more conversational tone
  • Incomplete or partial sentences may be used
  • Timing is vital, so releases must get to the point quickly.
  • Announcers punctuate with their voices, so not all sentences need verbs or subjects
  • Never start a story with a name as this can confuse listeners

Writing for TV:

  • Video News Releases (VNR’s) are perfect for national distribution or can be posted on company websites
  • VNR’s should contain clear identification of the video source
  • Try to include extra soundbites and b-roll

     Sattelite Media tours are a series of prebooked, one-on-one interviews from a fixed location. This provides busy CEOs with a time-efficient way of giving interviews. The SMT is becoming a staple of public relations and the television industry.

All information is paraphrased from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.


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